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Just Faith

JustFaith explores the social teachings of the Church in a small gorup environment.  

Topics include immigration, poverty, workers rights, faithful citizenship, fair housing, just war, etc.

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If you are interested in learning about poverty, immigration, racism and more through the eyes of the Catholic faith,contact Tim.  In JustFaith, we read books, watch videos, have guest speakers and perform direct service throughout the school year. To learn more, view the video (above).


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Components of the JustFaith ProgramComponents of the JustFaith Program

Weekly Meetings     JustFaith consists of 30 weekly sessions. Personal transformation and conversion of hearts and minds don’t happen in just a few weeks; the commitment to 30 weeks has proven to be effective by hundreds of participating parishes. JustFaith groups meet every week, except for holidays. The length of each session is 2½ hours.

Immersion Experiences     Four immersion experiences are included in the JustFaith syllabus. Each of these immersions typically involves a Saturday commitment. The main purpose of these experiences is to have face-to-face contact with people living on the margins of society and to provide an "out of classroom" experience. These immersion experiences also include social analysis and spiritual/theological reflection. For many people, putting a face and a name to the condition of poverty is the most moving and transformative part of the JustFaith experience.   

Retreats    Opening and closing retreats are part of the commitment each participant makes to the group. Retreats can take place at the parish, a diocesan facility, in a participant’s home, or at a retreat center. The two retreats are typically scheduled from Friday evening through Saturday night with the group attending Sunday liturgy together as the final piece of the retreat experience.

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