Married Fellowship

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Are you a couple with a desire for developing friendships with other couples at St. Johns? If so, then the Married Fellowship ministry is for you. The purpose of this ministry is simply to build friendships with other couples through Christ.

The ministry consists of relaxed, regular social gatherings in people’s homes that typically include a simple dinner, discussion around a faith-oriented topic, and dessert. All married couples in the parish are welcome regardless of age or length of marriage. This includes spouses who practice their faith in other church communities as well as those who are not part of any faith community.

If you would like to know more about this ministry, please contact our Ministry Coordinators:

Gene and Lynne Downs, 256-830-9425,


Latest News

Join us on Friday, February 10 , 2017 for a Mass of Recommittment followed by a festive reception in the Parish Hall.