The Councils of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church


[View the Pastoral Council webpage here]

Arelene McCormick, Chair, 256-975-7662
Sharon Maxwell, Vice Chair, 256-895-9198
Joey Pharo, Secretary, 256-890-0219

•The Pastoral Council in virtue of Baptism share in the ministry of leading and animating all the ministries of St. John’s parish.
•Every fall there is a call/invitation for 3 new members and 1-2 alternates.
•Members are self-selected, not voted on.
•The Pastoral Council meets approximately 9 times annually.
•Members, if willing, serve 1 term of 3 or 4 years.
•Meetings are open to all interested parishioners.

Meets monthly on the 4th Monday 6:30pm, All Purpose Room.


[View the Finance Council webpage here]

Rick White, Chair, 256-830-2739
Annette Gass, Co-Chair, 256-721-5608

The Finance Council in virtue of Baptism shares in the ministry of financial management and future planning of St. John’s parish.
•Members are chosen by the pastor and serve an unlimited term at the pastor’s behest. Officers are appointed by the pastor.
•Each member reviews the full parish financial statements.
•Finance Council meetings are closed.

Meets monthly on the 3rd Monday 6:30pm, Church Conference Room.


[View the School Board webpage here]

Alicia Detwiler, Chair
Jason Canale, Vice-Chair
Ping Fang, Secretary

Promotes Catholic education and the concept of lay ministry.
•Advises the pastor and principal on matters relating to the school.
•Serves as a conduit for communications between the pastor, principal, parents and parish.
•The School Board's responsibilities are advisory to the Principal and pastor and include strategic planning, development and formulation of policy, financial oversight, public relations, and curriculum review.

Meets monthly on the 1st Monday 6:00pm, School Conference Room.